Schlechte Neuigkeiten für WAR
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Der 2. Teil des Interviews mit Marc Jacobs ist nun erschienen.

Es gibt zwar interessante, aber leider keine schönen Nachrichten.

So werden wir zum Release z.B. nur 2 der insgesamt 6 Hauptstädte besuchen können, nämlich Altdorf und die unvermeidliche Stadt.

“A number of months ago,” Jacobs began, “we sat down and looked at where we were with our Capital Cities and we looked at what we were doing with Altdorf and Inevitable, we looked at the Greenskin home, the Dwarf home and we went ‘there’s an awful lot to do here and there are some issues‘.”

There was something missing. It wasn’t enough fun, it wasn’t interesting enough, it wasn’t “alive” enough. From there, the team was faced with a choice. They could either keep going down that path, working on all six cities and trying to get them finished before launch or make the hard decision to shelve four of the cities until post-launch and make sure that Altdorf and Inevitable were as full and rich as their design had intended. Mythic chose the latte

Desweiteren werden ganze 4 Klasse nicht bei Release spielbar sein, die da wären:

* Spalta

* Hammerträger

* schwarzer Gardist

* Ritter des Sonnenordens

“Four of the classes that we’ve been working on, we just couldn’t get great,” he continued. “We looked at them and we said these careers are just not great… and we tried, and they weren’t coming out well.”

This left them with a decision similar to the one that they were left with for the cities, do they continue and try to get it, or do they shelve them? In the end, after looking at the metric data that they have been collecting throughout the beta process, they saw that there were four careers that just weren’t working for the players.

“We tried,” Jacobs said, “we tried to see if we could make them better and we just couldn’t make them great. So we had a choice. Do we put in some non-great careers just because they are iconic, or we cut them out and put them in post-launch if we can get them right, or do we not put them in at all?”

In the end, whether it’s the second or the third option is still unknown.

Es ist also noch nichtmal sicher, ob die Klassen ein wenig später spielbar werden, oder ob sie gar ganz gestrichen werden. Wir hoffen natürlich das beste.

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