Warhammer 40.000 – Eternal Crusade: Neue Shortstory
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Der Autor Graham McNeill arbeitet ja schon länger mit bEHaviour zusammen, um dem ganzen Konflikt rund um den Planeten Arkhona episch zu gestalten. Nun hat er eine weitere Kurzgeschichte geschrieben, die sich rund um die Orks dreht und den brutalen Charakter eines Ork-Waaaagh! darstellt.

Hier ein kleiner Auszug aus der englischen Shortstory:

Findaz, Keepaz

The Ork o’ War, heaved to, the ragged cloth of its tar-cloth sails billowing in the swirling thermals of battle. Its battered metal prow cut through the smoke, and its broadside cannons thundered as it crushed heaps of blazing wreckage beneath its spiked roller wheels.

The debris scattered through the crater floor was still glowing cherry-red from its fiery descent through the atmosphere, and choking banks of burning petrochemicals coated every breath.

Bludface Eadbasher spun the battlewagon’s wheel, hauling the clanking, rumbling behemoth into a skidding left turn. He bellowed with laughter as the whirling blades mounted on the front grille noisiy sliced these new orks on the block to bite-sized chunks of green meat.

Ork o’ War had once been a piece of agricultural machinery, but Redgun Razzung’s Meks had up-armoured it and weaponised it into a deth-wagon of fiendishly killy power. Now it boasted a bladed prow of harvester threshers; long claw-arms to drop victims into a hopper of crushing, pulping machinery and a host of skull-stamped crow’s nest turrets with more dakka than you could shake a pointy stick at. …

Wer die ganze Story lesen möchte findet sie hier: Klick mich!


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